Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today's fight....

Ever fight with your kid to get a Christmas thank you note written to then have it returned by the recipient (my Mother) with red marks on it for a 're-do'?...well, thats what happens around here. So now when a thank you needs to be written (his birthday) it becomes yet another homework assignment for Mom (me) fight, fight, fight...paranoid insecurity by my son -- His lecture about how ungrateful his Grandmother is- 'and the nerve of her to return a thank you note' ..... so today, after 3 redo's from me.... he decides to live on the edge and send a note that I am certain my Mother will still not find 'up to snuff' ... since she actually forgot his birthday this year, I kind of don't give a shit ... now, I am really living on the edge! :)

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