Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going Rogue...a RANT from the heart - the current state of business!

Today is tough times for many, particularly for Americans.  For my International readers this might be enlightening - it's my hard view from the trenches.  Since everyone has the attention span of a gnat - I'll keep my thoughts in bullet form. Please find it in your brain to at least 'read'- and also feel free to write me... and more importantly spread this message  .....
  • For the past 30 years our American economy has been eroding from a proud strong 'manufacturing' base to one of lower priced 'consumption.'  the jig is now has stopped.
  • This unfortunate shift started small and has been fueled by our politicians who for their own self -interests, created neat tax incentives to help businesses move all aspects of production overseas.
  •  Quietly, this 'movement' has destroyed American jobs (it's true) and worse-yet created a mindset and out-of-control demand for lower priced goods and services.

    • Now, even the overseas manufactured goods are sold at a discount! This insatiable appetite for thinking that everything can or must be produced for less - slams the job market particularly hard and deeply hurts Americans.  Americans then support this demand because they don't have extra $$. Gas prices rise along with basic food items and Americans are stuck in this downward spiral.
      • Companies are guilty of 'tippy toeing' around age-discrimination laws by calling it a 'position elimination' substituting capable older workers for much younger less experienced and cheaper personnel. 

      •  In our culture then, (because they are more expensive) wisdom and experience is no longer valued and the older talent (especially very much needed in today's times)  is now found hanging out at Starbucks looking for non-existent 'good jobs'.
      • What is left in the ashes of business and for those who are fortunate to still be working, they find themselves frantic working the job of 3-4 people.   This then contributes to health problems and chronic low productivity in the work place and from one report I read, costs our economy over +60 billion dollars yearly.  
      • Everyone it seems, is in 'survival-mode', chronically exhausted, overloaded and stressed out to new levels. 
      So what do we do?  How can we help ourselves????!

      Because I don't have time to 'fix' this problem...(too busy working) .... I am throwing this out for consideration among my readers...note; I don't have an Economics background, so this is good old-fashioned common sense.


      Can we all say 'DUH' here?!
       I'm not talking a cute 'marketing buzz' here- I'm talking about a full on social MOVEMENT for 100% MADE IN THE USA brands!  'Occupy our Economy'... as in buy things!   This idea (because the numbers are massive) like the 22 yr. old who 'moved' the Banks- ...can immediately create the demand needed and the opportunity for new jobs.  When people don't have a job they don't buy anything... more 'DUH' 
      To further fire up this message.... just give this quote a moment of your time....and visualize it!
      '400 people control more wealth than 150 MILLION of their fellow Americans'   and no, I did not make this up to be 'funny' :) ... it's from The New York Times 8/6/11 article by Drew Westen.  Sounds like someone has been cheating in Monopoly! It's an inequity worse than Bangladesh- this can't possibly be America!
      It's hard for me to not visualize the 400 people...sitting properly upright in my children's school auditorium.  They would be chins high- pinky extended... eating all the 'cake' leaving the crumbs for the rest of us!  tsk tsk... now there's not even a broom left.  From this inequity, we now know the financial community won't be helping... you can't even get a loan for a good idea let alone a new house.  WE NEED TO IMMEDIATELY HELP OURSELVES - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

      Aside from reading all labels of what you plan to buy; ...

       Here is my 'stimulus plan';
      - FIRST; throw the elected officials out-of-office - replace with honorable Americans who know how to keep their hands in their pockets and understand the meaning of representing the best interests of America.  

      - SECOND; show a little compassion for people who are struggling.  Emotional help or otherwise.  If friends are 'on-fire' .... don't stand in their driveway with a Dixie cup of water!  This 'cancer' of no-jobs could easily and quickly strike you or someone close to you.  Everyone is venerable. (ok, not the lucky 400) but Baby Boomers are particularly at risk.

      - THIRD; give thought to the idea of raising awareness even within your local stores to highlight and feature 100% Made in America goods- if enough of us are asking and looking we just might start seeing sections or aisles popping up!   This is like 'ingredient labeling'...! Americans need to know where the goods they are buying come from.   Also, be responsible and remember when you buy overseas goods you are only hurting yourself right now.  Looking for a gift for this holiday season?  I would recommend starting here I CHOOSE AMERICAN  (exquisite American made goods)

      - FOURTH;  be conscious... be alert... be mad when you see people (especially those that speak in forked tongue about American made things) to then push massive deals on TV with overseas made goods  - try to have some self control- don't buy it and then 'bust' them through twitter or FB.

      - and finally... if you are emotionally paralyzed and sleepless from all this - don't take sleeping pills.... you may need Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear  (and yes, this brand is 100% MADE IN THE USA)

      Give yourself a pat on the back if you got through this - I'm very proud of you! and that I might add,  is a good start:)  Thank you!
      The International Laundress


      1. Could not have said it any better. You are wise, let's hope Americans start thinking for themselves and stop buying stuff.
        Every time American's buy stuff, we help China build another factory and grow their dollar.
        If we do not start to take this seriously, China will not only have a share of us, they will own us and what they dont have~the USA will be up for the highest bidder! THINK PEOPLE, before you purchase. If you cannot afford to buy an American made gift....send a card. Do not buy more stuff! Do you like your freedom?
        Michelle Thelen

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      3. comment was 'removed' because it was a duplicate. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS IDEA ! We all need to help each other through this unfortunate time. If you have products 100% Made in the USA .. please post here and I'll try to help you! :)

      4. Your post was not only insightful and fact based, but also humorous and very touching. Your stimulus plan is one that can be adopted by all. 1. Elect officials who will represent our (we the people) interests. 2. Show compassion and empathy toward your neighbor (there but for the grace of God) 3.Buy American - solidarity in strengthening our economy - and the I Choose American website is a great resource. And of course, a good nights sleep usually helps make things brighter in the morning - and what better way for a good nites sleep than Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear! Love it!