Monday, June 15, 2009

T.G.I.M ! :)

I'm one of those Mom's who dreads the weekend today is my 'Happy Day' T.G.I.M. ! :)... Usually after surveying the weekend massacre-of-mess around here and everyone has finally gone to their respective activities, I'm free! But not today, kids kept me running (I mean driving) to all points of the area- so much for summer vacation!.... Needed all sorts of things to start first day of camp... Being the ill prepared mom that I am, I was cutting tags off all needed supplies in the Target parking lot at 8:05 am in route to camp! New bathing suit, towel, sandals ...... with coffee in hand I managed this task quickly and my tip for the day is my mini pocket knife.... just the most useful tool! With one kid organized...the next was starting... the high-maintenance one; I obediently started on her 'to-do list' which is still not complete...oh well..there's always tomorrow.

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