Friday, June 19, 2009

Sold Gold....PILLS!

I know I'm getting behind in my writing...just don't want to burn out! -- need to communicate my crazy life in small doses cuz I can't even take it! This morning my son dropped pure gold all over the kitchen floor, really it was a whole bottle of his ADHD medication...Silly me, to think he could just take ONE pill out of the bottle (under my watchful eye) and swallow it ..... just like everything around here, a full blown process- nothing is simple or efficient!.... while I was making breakfast, the pills went flying on the dogs (mostly the sheepdog) and under the stove/table/ refrigerator! Because to me, it's like pure gold (and would probably kill the dogs) we had a real scavenger hunt this morning and it's not even 7 am... to compound things, I'm exhausted from actually hearing storms all night (they were bad if I heard them) so it's going to be another day with a 'coffee drip'... oh well... at least it's something I like. I'll probably also have what us Mom's call a 'suburban highball' around 3 pm.... to get ready for 2nd shift- actually going out with ADHD hubby and will need to keep up ...'dregs and cream' is we call it, loaded with our drug of choice, caffeine.

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