Friday, June 5, 2009

Help...does it ever end?

Ok... this is it...I'm really going to do it.. This time I'm going to try to not be like my ADHD medicated kids and my unmedicated ADHD husband, and I'm going to really start blogging... Stay focused...organize my thoughts...write for therapy.....yes that's what I'll do... I'll 'hyperfocus' that's what they call it... oh, where to begin...I've gone nowhere.... but it seems so far.... the years have gone by really fast, but the days are really long... I know that sounds insane, but that's my life.... 

I guess things started to really go crazy about 15 years ago... and I have no one else to blame but my daughter ... ! OMG and then more craziness began when I gave birth to our son. To think back on the days of our busy pre-kids executive lives...traveling the world, nice hotels, a clean house ..... 2 lovely pets-- it was a life I will now never know again. I just imagine making a statement that is not debated 10 times over........As it relates to this blog I am certain that I've learned a few things along the way that just might be useful to others... I've also made a ton of mistakes and from that, I might be able to also lend a hand to people just starting on this MOM's a real trip.

I have stories about my family that involve things you just can't make up...   enjoy
The International Laundress

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  1. I'm going to comment on my own blog... I know there are typo-s .... I have now figured out how to do spell check! :)