Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary Laundry

There are very few things that remain constant in my life, but one for sure is the tradition that my good sport husband started over 20 years ago. He always takes me out for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. He has always referred to this marked occasion (June 20th) as 'my anniversary' oh, well... I'll take it anyway I can. A lovely night out away from kids/dogs and mess- I wouldn't miss it! We picked a new fancy restaurant where the food has small servings (which is fine with me) and high prices.... You would think that criteria alone would attract a more refined crowd -- no such luck. My 'luck' involved an aggressive older woman with a large hand bag on her shoulder trying to squeeze her fat ass in the table area next to me. The bi-product of that move was a newly filled tall thin-stem glass of my husband's red wine flying through the air all over me and my white summer outfit- even hit the inside of my purse! This move was so swift and quick that the woman didn't even realize what she had done until my good sport husband became not such a good sport and started yelling & swearing at her. It was stressful to say the least.....AND..... you can't beat a night out that involves an 'intermission' to go home and completely change and DO LAUNDRY! :)

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