Wednesday, June 10, 2009

End of School ....Trash Day

Today was the day that I 'get' to drive to school to be greeted by each child with their special garbage bag of school treasures.... in the past I have had to wear gloves and a mask and that was just their backpacks....As I mentioned before and will probably mention a million more times because I'm old and I repeat myself, both of my children are ADHD medicated and a common trait among this 'variety' of kid is complete and utter disorder.....teachers have described them as having desk areas that look like a hamster cage so you can only imagine their lockers.... Because I don't have a haz-mat suit (yet) I have told them they are both responsible for their crap and it must stay in the garage until it is 'unloaded' properly. My 'grace period' is going to be about 1 day, because I have learned over the years....they don't even miss it and I'm kidding myself to think there is anything valuable in the trash bag....

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