Sunday, October 4, 2015

Another family 'outing' to get 'in'! 😱

After a very long day I trudged up the stairs to my bedroom and I might add (for the first time in recent memory), I had on a dress and feet were killing me. I then discovered 'someone' had locked my bedroom door and I haven't seen the key to that door for at least 15 years! :( After multiple attempts with every conceivable tool (paperclips even a couple of butter knives and You Tube instructional videos) I reluctantly concluded that 'lock smithing' particularly the 'breaking- in- kind' is not a resume item for me (a first!) so it was onto 'PLAN B' - since this problem was most certainly the doings of Darling Daughter - I screamed for her ass's the rest of the story.....

I was finally 'in' 9:30 pm but with out a 'normal' 12 step fiasco!  I had to retrieve my trusty ladder to then have Darling Daughter scale the top roof (in pitch dark) line (she escaped through her bedroom window) was actually pretty quick with that move (hmm?) then cut the screen wide open with an exacto knife with 'Winnie' the kitten on the other side trying her best to escape! (frankly, I don't blame her!)  Older cats, 'Babycakes' and one-eyed 'Winky' were also locked in - I was high on the ladder in heels and a dress holding the flashlight. Success! We did it! 💪 . Darling Daughter and I problem-solved the situation and broke into the bedroom via second story window!  As expected.... Husband was in bare feet with a tiny flashlight.... directing from below.  Another memorable evening.  (Like snow shoveling). Xo
HOME SWEET HOME - now, leave me alone!