Monday, February 18, 2013

The Whirling Dervish Strikes Again!

I thought I would 'surprise' everyone (myself included)  with a new post - one that's not separated by 4 months...   The background begins with Darling Daughter struggling with a difficult math course in college... we have all been worried about this because as anyone who knows me, knows she comes by bad math scores genetically.  In fact, I credit my artistic doodling skills to repeated Algebra classes through my formative years.   

So here's what happened.... 
after intense tutoring, we were holding our breath for her weekly Friday quiz... and as miracles do happen sometimes in this family, she earned a 19 out of 20 on a quiz (!!)  woo hoo (!) -- at the same time, Darling Daughter was planning a weekend away from college to her Grandmother's house (previously referred to as The Whirling Dervish  in this blog) see 'Oh, Holy Night....and day')  -  anyway,  'Grammie' was just as thrilled as I was and excitedly told me they were going to 'go out and celebrate'...  she even asked if SHE could give her underage Granddaughter some wine ?? (! ) (NO) ... her generation, the type born at the bottom of the original depression, always manages to blend the term 'celebrate' with alcohol - Grammie quickly turned that comment into a joke.  ha, ha -     I then decided to let the two of them 'bond' so I waited to call until the next day... I jokingly asked  - 'Do you have a hangover from all the partying' (!)? and my quick- witted Mother didn't miss a beat.... said;  'Oh, she didn't come home with me last night!'   OMG (!

As it turned out they did go out for dinner and when I asked about that, she reported that Darling Daughter used utensils to eat and didn't throw any food. (a la my previous post) :)   OMG (!!)

hours later.... 

She also deadpanned  "I didn't know SHE smoked" ... OMG  :)  (!!!)  

Grammie's humor is notorious and she has always been this way - stunning sarcasm and at times, a sudden unfiltered quick response (good or bad).  such memories :)

always a dream or a nightmare

The International Laundress

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