Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Fling with Food = Fun :)

I was recently pleased to find out that after the trauma of my parenting journey,  waaay deep down somewhere I still have a sense of humor and a very immature side to me-  something which is quite remarkable for this tired middle-aged person I have become.  
...So when my dear friends (all parents of high school kids) came over for dinner and relayed a situation to me after a couple of bottles of wine, I was left with shock and awe and uncontrollable laughter which continues.  

....A few weeks ago,  in our quiet neat perfectly manicured wonderful suburban high school, a future leader (or convict) decided to organize a ruckus-of-a-food-fight - complete with food (in quantity) brought-in by the kids.   As parents of these entitled children, we couldn't stop laughing about how this gang likely had the affair catered.    One boy brought in a 5 gallon container of mashed potatoes (can you think of anything more fun!?)   When my friend created a 'visual' for us of the students talking.......  "Who did you use ?!!(caterer)... ?" followed by "Was it kosher?" - we all started to roar hysterically with laughter. (my friends are also tired and immature!)
In the real story, the inviting was done quietly through FB,  so all knew, and  staff was 'prepared' - having issued dire warnings - daring students with police-in-place and cameras for 'filming' (or to deter them)  But as we all know kids at times, just do the darnedest things....  What they weren't prepared for was the chaos (or so I have heard which ensued)   According to an eye witness, like a flash mob ... kids were piling ketchup and mustard on plates which without a lot of thought became Frisbees.  Food was absolutely everywhere- whites of their eyes - (potatoes) windows covered, even in the ceiling!  Spaghetti sauce -- regular lunch food ..... If I had only been a PTO Mom that day!  LOL  :) 

The fall-out as reported to me, 60 participating 'hurlers' who are still 'black-listed' for the rest of the school year.   

My kid, true to the messes he has lived through in our house was 'under a table' with friends ... cuz he 'didn't want to get food on his clothes'.  Which kinda surprised me, that has never stopped him before!  

Meanwhile the mayhem from this deliberate disaster, was pretty unfortunate- one bi-stander had an injury from slipping in something slippery... hmm?   Weeks later this has been kept completely under wraps but for me, just thinking about this scene makes me crack up with laughter.... I know, I need to get out more! that part is pathetic.

Getting ready for bed soon!  click here if you're a tired parent :)
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