Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh, Holy NIGHT and DAY- A subculture mix of genetics

Happy Holidays to all my readers- since 'Going Rogue' I have had lots of page views - I'm hoping my comments have hit a nerve at some level.  It is a time for change! Here's to a better 2012.  So I'm now back on track with ripping on my wild family....

I have written before on the murky gene pool that contributes to my children's whirling brains. It's complicated, coming from many directions.  This past weekend I experienced another factor that has also added to their organizational difficulties.  It can be stated in one word - their maternal Grandmother known as ... 'Grammie'... yes, my own dear Mother.  She is a whirling dervish of energy and creativity, but at times, this fun and excitement catches up to her. 

On Friday before Christmas we had a lovely time - just the two of us,  meandering around a very busy book store in a nearby community - we had a great time until we returned to our house to discover that she had left her purse on the floor by her chair in the latte cafe. Trauma began as we tried to verbally inventory what was in this valuable 'vessel' ... all credit cards, medical cards, social security, cash for her visit - her  phone, new leather gloves were just a few of the things she remembered. In a full-on panic we called through VM hell to determine that 'Larry' at the front desk had her purse.  WHEW! We quickly drove back to the store and recovered this precious purse.  

Beginning fresh on Saturday, Grammie headed out for a day of shopping with Darling Son an activity which commenced with an ice cream treat at our local Dairy Queen. We then planned (because it was Christmas Eve) to go to a musical church service at 4:45 - so around 4:15 we were organizing to leave when I heard the fateful words 'I can't find my purse'!!....(again!) ...  After backtracking we determined that she had left it at our Dairy Queen so we quickly (on the way to church), checked to see if it was open... of course it had closed at 4:00 and would not open again until Monday Dec. 26... so we had to just pray.   

Calamity continued....then on Christmas night...'someone' left the interior light on in her car, so when I went to move her car off our street - the battery was dead- so I found myself with another challenge which was waiting for  AAA to come and 'jump' her car at 10:00 pm on Christmas night.  Oh, holy night!  .... and as luck would have it - (and thankfully) we live in a safe suburb- the Dairy Queen had her purse which we recovered at noon on Monday. WHEW (again!) Thrilled at the recovery - she insisted on a picture!

As Grammie was happily leaving to go home,  I did a quick check of her belongings- this time she was doing a bit better  - she was in the car and ready to roar out!  One last thing.. she forgot her beloved dog!  If you keep up with this blog, you will know that I have no interest in adding to our animal menagerie so I quickly got 'Sophie' and they peeled out.   WHEW (again!)   Happy New Year to all ! 
xo The International Laundress

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