Saturday, October 8, 2011

When 'NO' means oh, all right !

My Darling Daughter did it again -- Good Sport Husband says she has a 'good heart'.... I say she has a tin ear, so when she pulled  into the driveway tonight to tell me she had a 'problem ' I knew intuitively that it wouldn't be good.  So like I have done a million times before ... I took a deep breathe and trudged forward not knowing what to expect. 

I carefully leaned into the car window to find a full-grown Calico CAT of all
 things in her lap - found in her friend's neighborhood and after her own interrogation of people near by, determined that it was 'homeless' and brought this cat now named 'Emily' into our stable of other animals.  My budding Veterinarian (darling daughter)  had already determined that this feline was extremely dehydrated ('practically starving') and after checking her teeth -- knew the CAT to be about 4 years old!

 I vehemently protested about this idea but in her usual fashion, with 'NO' being her starting point for negotiation....she swiftly marched by me .... into our house with the CAT to find her ally, Good Sport Husband who gave her the nod.  I was actually surprised by his reaction since he complains endlessly about having to change our current litter box every other day because of the smell.   Good Sport Husband is a softy for animals....especially cats.  They both are crazy in my opinion.  So now tonight we have a true menagerie of animals.... 3 cats, 2 dogs a fish and a bird.... I feel like I should add a partridge in a pear tree.  And now... my new job is finding a home for 'Emily'... I just learned that 'the cat favors classical music'....(I am not making this up)  any takers? meow, meow... ;)  It's fun writing a blog in 'real time'.... can we's the 'cat's pajamas' ?
 xo The International Laundress

P.S. NEWS FLASH update:  Darling Daughter received a very stern phone call around 11:15 pm  from Emily's owner (at least she had the sense to leave a phone number with someone!)  so Emily the CAT (age 18) was promptly returned and her  'excellent adventure' has come to an end  :) 

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