Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tricks are TREATS for me! Happy Halloween!

As I've stated before, my ultimate life-goal is to be alone in the woods, painting - birds chirping with an occasional visit from a sweet cleaning lady - so to put a 'visual' to that  'dream' here is my inspiration...  an original painting by my wonderfully talented art instructor, Didier Nolet

After my favorite part of my day -- sleeping -- I carefully open one eye before hitting the whirling mess and noise (in my real life) and gaze at this painting.  You might like to take a break too! :)

So now on to the title of this post!  Since the Halloween-of-my-life- began - the new 'normal' - I have 'trick's' that have become 'treats' for me....and the fact that I think these are great ideas, just speaks to how low I am in this abyss of Parenting.
Yes, I am aware that this is not a 'box' but a deco basket !
The first brilliant suggestion is one that I can't take credit for. It's from a dear friend who is also an older Mom in 'survival mode' who was not only blessed with one child - but then twins!   She personally developed what we call the 'SOCK BOX'.    It was something my family  easily transitioned to ... and it was especially  liberating for me.   I was tired of looking at a large bag of 'sock orphans' and my friend  happily suggested the 'SOCK BOX SYSTEM' that has worked for her for years.    All I can say is.... it was invigorating for me !   As I age, I tend to care a WHOLE lot less about things like matching socks.  I wasn't always like this and was actually horrified one day when I saw Darling Son running in a soccer game in one bright green sock and one maroon-colored sock (when his team was 'blue') but later concluded it was a benefit for me as my eyes were failing and it was easier to 'spot' him!  Yet another defining moment for me! :)

Another 'system' that has also evolved around here stems from having neat beautiful laundry baskets for each child that quickly  and conveniently for them, morphed into portable 'drawers' to never be seen again.  We now have a fitting place for newly washed clothes... (Brace yourself, Grammie )   an oversized chair in the middle of the living room! it works for us - we are now like a family of crows picking through the pile as we breeze by.  If we have guests, this 'pile' then goes into a laundry basket to temporarily 'hold' - for the next dump (so we are still using them!)

I know these are not ideas for Real Simple MagazineThe editors would puke to see such a sight. I 'get it' and like my life, things are still completely and utterly disorganized but you can't say their clothes aren't clean... ok, I know they're stained.

Someday... as I day dream about my house in the woods I'll have clothes too, that aren't dull, stained, wrinkled and all mixed together.   It will be nice.
The International Laundress

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