Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's now 'FALL' - a new season of my life! :)

I'm back! ... no, I'm not hiding under the rubble pictured up top, but there are times when I have felt like it! This has been one loooong summer and now it's FALL. Within the extreme life that I live, the weather has been right in line with my life. Extreme heat, torrential rains, indescribable humidity....and then (like my kids) the gigantic mosquitoes join in. That's 'summer' in the Midwest. I am not fond of heat for a variety of reasons. After years of running full throttle, additional 'heat' is just not something I enjoy so I do my best to stay near fans and A/C. The cold weather coming fast is a welcome relief so I am enjoying it as best I can.

Now for the update; Darling Daughter is now driving and I have to's not as bad as I thought it would be. My late-night dispatch 'runs' have stopped and she is so eager to drive - even offering to do errands for me! Also, because we now have something she really wants (the car) her attitude has changed greatly and we are having real conversations and she even asked me to braid her hair last week! :) I don't think I have been allowed to 'touch' her hair for 10 years. It was nice.

Darling son on the other hand is still making questionable choices and last weekend around 9:45 pm invited 8 boys into our newly cleaned house... I'm too tired to micro- manage except to say I did not appreciate hearing bb gun shots in the dark as they were I'm sure, also tramping around in dog sh-- outside to then bring into my clean house. He was 'entertaining' too bringing shelled peanuts outside in one of my good ceramic bowls. One of the joys of my life and I have few these days, is having my dear polish ladies clean once a month. I have been protecting the floors like a prison warden and banished the boys to the basement via text. I think my son knew intuitively they better stay there! I was actually able to then go to sleep!

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  1. Another hilarious blog, Sarah!
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