Thursday, October 20, 2011

'Daddy's Little Fatty'... Mystery Solved! Once Again, Communication Issues Abound!

For awhile now, we have been singing the  old C & W song by Bob Wills, with a lyric line.... 'Daddy's Little Fatty' when referring to our beloved dog, Lollipop.  Her physique has changed this summer and I was blaming the weather and sadly on her behalf, no one pays attention to anything around here -- like robots in forward movement only ... chugging through daily things....not giving a wit of thought to anything. (especially things of routine)

Today, much to my surprise, Darling Daughter stated....'I hope you're NOT feeding the dogs after me'...huh? she even added...'I thought you'd know!'  (since apparently the dogs now talk to her!) It turns out that after we started insisting that she put 'The Girls' out at 5 am it seems she was also feeding them.  Then in line like a programmed robot....Good Sport Husband would feed them AGAIN each morning too !   I guess, they didn't 'tell' him they were 'full' LOL... woof woof  :)    So our dogs (for quite a while now) have been fed 3 TIMES a day !!

Lollipop... a cozy pillow these days!
This now explains the term; 'Daddy's Little Fatty'... our black Border Collie/ Chow Chow mix.... I actually thought she was having menopause-like symptoms....she hates the hot weather and is gaining weight.  Lollipop also doesn't run nearly as often as Emma (the Sheepdog) who is 3 years older.  So that explains it.  One of the great mysteries around here is the idea of buying expensive dog food all this time has also been solved.  a 2-fer today.

And for my toe-tapping readers - here is the fun Bob Wills C&W song... 'Daddy's Little Fatty'  ... :) really called 'Roly Poly'- it will bring a smile to your face!  For those of you with ADHD ... be patient because the words in this song begin after a :45 second fast clip intro... hang in there!  it's really cute!

Ya'll have a good day!
The International Laundress

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