Saturday, October 15, 2011

Attention Spans..... itired, istressed....NEED SLEEP Zzzz

Warning:  This is not a silly rip on my family - but a needed RANT! :)  ......  I feel better already! :)

You would think that I would be 'seasoned' to a life of short attention spans, after all ... I've been watching people with ADHD (which is my whole family) and seeing them actually become 'distracted-from-shiny-things' before it was a popular phrase! ..... What I believe now cranks this idea into a new gear are all the electronic gadgets (shiny and non shiny) beckoning our attention 24/7.   One would think that having a laptop, ipad/tablet or smart phone would make life easier, but I think it complicates things if you start getting some volume and you are not used to managing things this way.  (like I am)   In addition to this mindset and new way of communicating is the FACT that most people today are in 'survival mode' for their own lively hood.  Everyone is stressed-out and chronically exhausted with information overload....  An unfortunate fact indeed. 

For me, being  in the field of Marketing & Communications for years... I had always learned that you research first, then nurture contacts - write them - personalize a message to their needs and in most cases they will respond.  Could I really have been that stupid!?!  The eye opener for me today is  how people (even friends) have no time for anything except their own survival.  No malice is intended I know, but after months and months of email 'follow-up' I've determined it really is a ridiculous way to communicate. 

At first, I thought I had 'email halitosis' :) 

The 'new professionals' are now hiding behind their computers armed with a simple 'delete' button... tsk, tsk... and  spending time finding phone numbers today is like being a private investigator  -- and as soon as your area code is i.d.-ed... you're done.  It's worse than breaking through a castle fortress!  

Editors proclaim;...'We'd LOVE to hear from you!' that is,... until you write! :)  Friends have no time to even respond to a quick question - lost in their fast stream of other things to do....even old friendships are scorched on the back burner.   I am sure that I am far from alone, but is this really a way to conduct business (or  basic friendship)?!   It's like the 8th wonder of the world. 
Our sluggish economy contributes to this problem and is fueled by crisis reports fanned into flames by the Media .... most reports are true, but where are the suggestions for improvement?  oops ...just saw something shiny (and it's not a coin) ....
.....has the whole world 'caught' ADHD?    Unemployment is frightening and filling Starbucks over sized chairs with talent nationwide .... older workers are replaced by younger, inexperienced cheaper workers .... compassion, loyalty and basic manners are forever gone.     So I spend my work day writing to 'Santa' ho, ho, ho... it's ironic too, because the brand I represent is now needed more than ever! Everyone is just wiped out from life...
Ok, I'm coming out of the closet... (er, I mean drawer).... for the past 70+ posts I have created funny words that link a wild life to the important connection to SLEEP. (in case any of you have paid attention to that).  The connection is still there, but I am going to take it to a new level (are you still with me here?).... it's new sleepwear that I personally discovered  (then joined the company) that really helps me sleep better. The brand is called Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear  and I am also thrilled to say that it is 100%  Made in the USA .... hmm, maybe that's the answer to our problems?  Think clearly about that for a second and think about how your life might change by consciously buying 100%American Made Goods... hmm?  create demand here (in the U.S.) it's a refreshing new concept!  --- this creates jobs... jobs create security and freedom from a wild ADHD life...  It's what I would call a 'simple solution' so we can help ourselves through tough economic times.  So 'jammie testers' you know who you are... start promoting!    Even someone with an attention span of a fruit gnat can get that one!  (I think)

xo The International Laundress!

P.S. You get an 'A+' if you made it to here! Gimme '5' without squishing the gnat!

Also, if you are also frustrated --- feel free to write me! :) and if you have communication ideas for me.. better yet! xo

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