Thursday, June 30, 2011

Extreme Parenting (it sucks)

Once as a result of a smart-mouth, I 'made' Darling Daughter watch  ME in horror from the spectator stands, as I 'took'  HER one hour private skating lesson.  A hardship for sure ... a struggle to not break a hip ... embarrassing to Darling Daughter.... to later find off ice,  other Mom's bowing down to me with support - some were even clapping :)   It was one of my finer moments as being a parent :) not a permanent cure for her sassy mouth, but a victory that still brings a smile to my face!

 Since then, I have been in search of other techniques with quiet impact....

Today while on the phone rushing around my friend could hear the shock and awe in my voice after seeing Darling Son's room.  'Inspection' had been delayed... I've been busy and frankly haven't cared what his room looked like - he's 14 now and surely he has heard a few of the 100 times I remind him, to be sure and put away clothes and organize  his room ... but apparently, his ears are painted on again... or am I speaking Chinese?   What came next was another brilliant epiphany...

Like a  joke, my friend suggested I put his things in a trash can (like HER Mother did for her sister) and  I have to say from just hearing that suggestion, I couldn't drive to the hardware store fast enough.   Such a brilliant idea - so compact and contained... and it has wheels. Clean up today was swift and exciting .... So see above,  Darling Son's new 'dresser'.... a 34 gallon drawer - so roomy and the color is dreamy for his room!    I'm thinking its a good investment too for when he goes to college- like new rolling luggage.  can't wait.  :)

 xo The International Laundress


  1. I do that trash can thing all the time.

  2. Never heard of the trash can trick. I'm loving it! Must remember it for when the time comes, as I am sure it will.