Saturday, May 21, 2011

An 'off' schedule welcomes more work for MOM

Someday when I live my ultimate dream of living alone in the woods with a cleaning lady, I will recall the start to this morning and NO, I am not 'making up' stuff for content. 

I was peacefully sleeping in - windows open too  (what a concept) determining that our whole, neighborhood and town must be chronically exhausted - not even a barking dog or a car driving by ... it was eerily quiet - and nice.  Being a Saturday this never happens and I should know better. 

Then the madness began... 'Good Sport Husband' was anything-but-that, reporting to me as he sputtered while in 'discovery-mode'  that Darling Daughter was 'in a hurry' and because 'it wasn't 5 am' (her usual weekday schedule) she decided because it was  now 7 am and Saturday -- with  a pending luxurious  stream shower (which is another story) that it was not her job to let 'The Girls' OUT.. (our dogs) .... so as you can only imagine... a HUGE poop mess throughout our office on everything!  They had been waiting...   To compound things,  Darling Son was already drilling away on a video game in the basement and he also determined because this was not a 'weekday' for him,  that  he didn't have THAT particular job either... good huh?  Both independently working off the same game card ... this place kills me.    Did I mention (?) Good Sport Husband's frustration resulted in slamming a door and knocking a painting off the wall in the kitchen - one with two nails... I'll need a 'level' to fix that... so with my first cup of coffee in hand I began the unpleasant task of recalibrating this house. 

The 'other story' on the 'shower'- just 2 weeks ago we hired a painter to fix the peeling ceiling paint because of these steam showers only this time, (I might add) with  moisture and mold resistant paint -- I can already tell by the puckering that this paint was not tested on a teenage girl.

and so the day begins....

The International Laundress

P.S. I would like to thank my Good Sport Husband for later breakfast in bed and apologize to him for  having to go and get a key to get in to my safe zone. :)


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