Monday, April 4, 2011

TV Catastrophe! Take 'Cover' as in (I need a blankee)

When I heard the news this morning I was going to run and hide in my foxhole.  It seems that good-sport husband who stays off my radar largely because he has what he needs... informed me that his beloved 'what he needs' blew up last night- and I'm not talking inflatable doll here... This sacred icon is his newish flat screen TV -- it made a 'pop' sound and it was then pronounced DOA.  I was frankly amazed by how calm hubby was with this declaration.  It was too early for wine so this calmness was kind-of-serene and reminiscent of a brewing perfect storm or could it be a tsunami coming (we'll see).    This is a man who normally has a blow-the-roof-off  tantrum when the kids have pressed the wrong buttons or worse yet, 'misplaced' the remote.  Anything ‘TV’ is on his list of things that send him into orbit.  Like most men the TV  is his respite – a place to forget the chaos that has engulfed his life.  I do respect that – like me, we both need to take a break from this life we have created.  So who is to blame for this calamity.... the storm last night, Comcast or Vizio?  Stay tuned!   I'm saving my strength and need to take a nap before I go to bed.  :)

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