Friday, April 1, 2011

A parenting reputation- from a murky gene pool

Years ago when I was at the cross roads of figuring out the 'label' of ADHD - (a title that was bestowed upon my darling daughter even before she was 3) --  Many (myself included), looked at this idea as a horrifying proposition.  I really didn't need a 'label' I was just looking for some sleep.  These were hair-raising days with uncontainable energy/impulsively- and curiosity.  At first it was 'cute'... then exhaustion set in.  We always thought the gene pool was a result of two driven Type A-personalities - and not a surprise, her parents were, curious, fun and energetic .... notice the emphasis on  'were'...   When your toddler is whirling through life touching, experimenting-with- everything including putting unknown objects in her mouth, it is a challenge.  I had found her chewing asphalt (thinking it was gum) and drinking a random urine sample at my doctor's office (delicious apple juice?) Her Aunt once watched in awe as she made her own clay using a hose and  grill ashes.  This kid was inventive, determined.... and very swift- needing adult supervision 24/7.  

I knew she was running wild in the neighborhood- but I truly believe looking back,  if I had 'leashed her' to a tree she would have cleverly figured out a way to free herself.   In reflection, it is pretty embarrassing ... 'ADHD' had not yet gone 'mainstream' -- even my own Mother watched in judgement concluding I wasn't tough enough!  My now good friend and neighbor who was also in mouth-dropping judgement of my little darling,  recalls one of her first encounters.....  At 4,  my angel  appeared on her doorstep one bright Sunday morning in her underwear with an armful of water balloons inquiring whether the 9 month old of the house could 'play' ... and I didn't even know she was outside ....  I know bad bad... but until you slog around in my shoes you can't imagine what it's like.  After all, at that time, I was dealing with her prodigy - her younger ADHD brother.  

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