Sunday, April 24, 2011

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished :)

I don't usually go shopping for new 'projects' or more 'work' - and I certainly don't look for problems that aren't initiated here.... I do however, like to help a friend in need when I can.... so when my college roommate's friend's daughter (age 25), whom I’ve never met- (and I’ve never met her mother either). Found herself in need of some local emotional help and guidance, I was happy to oblige... 'sure, give her my number - and my email address.' The other adults in her life were out-of-state.
I should have known better, from my own experience, that these 'projects' usually morph into my favorite mantra. 'NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED'.... and in this case, that proved true (again). It seems that friend-of-friend daughter was having boyfriend problems and was looking for a local 'friend' (ME) to help make life easier for HER. I first received a pitiful email that detailed the drama and all HER personal issues stating pretty directly.... that she would like to bring HER THINGS to OUR house and to stay HERE until she can 'get back on her feet'.... huh?


She then boldly called to follow-up that point, I almost agreed for the sole purpose of teaching her a good lesson!  :)

Kids today feel so entitled and the idea of adults fixing everything has become their 'solution'. This request was stunning to me... As mentioned in my previous column, I have a chronic cough that would scare anyone....wild sassy teenagers in and out of this house .....barking dogs and oh, almost forgot - we are running a business from here too... Join the fun ! Good-sport husband wouldn't even listen to the last message from her kept saying 'Make it GO AWAY !...  MAKE IT GO AWAY ! '.... This time, I had to agree with him ! Out-of-state adults needed to 'fix' this one. :) And fortunately they did! Need to take a nap before I go to bed.. (again) 
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  1. Hard line between trying to help someone and backing off so they can help themselves. I am a pushover and hubs would have been so mad if I had agreed to help. But then I would feel guilty, guilty, guilty. Glad it worked itself out for you!