Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The new meaning of "NO" - complicated at best !

When I was growing up I learned very quickly what the meaning of the word 'NO' was. Back then, when clearly spoken in English it had a real meaning. This word from our language had zero room for discussion let alone negotiation.

In my world, I apparently speak a different dialect and the word 'NO' is just a negotiating starting point to begin banter my darling children have perfected over the years. They are both relentless and determined- and they actually love the challenge (it's like a 'hunt') - to beat me down to then conquer. They know the weak points - they can sense opportunity even from a loud shout.  It always begins with 'WHY?' - it's like a square dance that we do... circle to the left ('WHY'?) circle to the right ('WHY'?) – I’m then holding my own- repeating myself ‘NO’…. then the do-si-do begins; (going for the kill)  about all the wonderful things they have done lately that enrich my life ! The dance continues 'allemande LEFT', 'allemande RIGHT' …. They’re masters really they are.... it's not possible to give an answer they will even hear unless it's 'oh, OK you win !'    when you are an older tired MOM this outcome is inevitable (unfortunately)

While not feeling my tip top best tonight (to start ‘dancing’)-- I received a true 'beating' that ended up going from 'NO' to me riding shotgun to 'deliver' darling daughter to a friend’s house. The negotiating was complex, but did end with someone else bringing her home! Compromise is key.. nite nite.. !
Sweet Dreams too!
The International Laundress :)

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  1. Very funny and very true. The word no in my house seems to mean lets talk about it till we wear mom down.
    New follower from MBC.
    Hope you get a chance to stop by and have a few laughs.