Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Need 'LIFE REWIND' Product

As I was looking at my 'fancy' Maybelline AGE REWIND makeup today, it occurred to me they need a to make 'LIFE REWIND' ... if they did, I would be one of those people in a lawn chair lined up down the street first to buy. Actually, I would be camping to secure my position.   I'm thinking today where in my life did the tide turn ? I used to love my Estee Lauder make up until Darling Daughter ravished through my bathroom and helped herself to 'all things good' then it occurred to me (like DUH) that I don't need anything anymore that is 'good' and I went to Walgreens for all my cosmetic needs. I've gotten to know the young Hispanic girls who work there and I trust their recommendations.

The thing about parenting at a mature age- ...  right when you think you can get your life back again (and it's ironically when you are most in need of the high-end makeup and wrinkle cream) - it's the last thing you want or can have.   I guess that’s when the ‘tide turns’ …. Kids take every last cent you have for their own entertainment and dinners out and as a precaution what parent wants to leave their home unattended with teenagers in your life for even a quick movie anyway?   Need to arm and protect what little is left. Even when I am home bad things happen.

Last year another good friend and neighbor (we vow to help and protect) glanced up at our steep rooftop to find 5 teenagers (boys & girls) 'perched  on high' - on a mission! The ‘story’ being,… they were looking for 'Winky' our one-eyed cat who amazingly opened a bedroom window and took the full screen off (even bent it) and was then in-his-little-curious-way began exploring the rooftop to plan an escape?! Whew.... glad they were there to save the day!  This I believe is a news item for perhaps 'pet tube' or beyond? Talent abounds here!   I'm off to take a nap before I go to bed  ....  xo T.I.L.

'Winky' our one-eyed cat
(...dreaming about escaping from his miserable life! hee hee hee)


  1. Oh yes, I like a life rewind product! As it is, my wardrobe is stuck in mommyville because all my money goes to my daughter's closet of cute outfits and shoes. I still buy mostly cheap makeup and Oil of Olay is as expensive as I get.
    Cute kitty!

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  3. Hi there! Happy to meet you! I'm a new follower from MBC...hope you can swing by my blog and return the favor! Adorable space, can't wait for more posts!