Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hidden Diseases ... Master Plan

Long ago ‘good-sport husband’ coined the phrase 'disease infested mongrels' ... meaning; kids in-general... are all ‘carriers’ of disease….I know it's true and from that comment, we have both suffered on and off for years with the things kids bring home.  Colds, coughs, flu, rashes…we have had everything but lice- not to say that's not coming….we're actually overdue!  I have had coughs that remind people of a Tuberculosis outbreak - the kind that turn heads like a bad muffler... lag on for months... requiring 3 different perscriptions of antibiotics to ‘kick’ - the kids are rarely sick they always bounce right back - older parents limp along behind desperate to recover never knowing if they ever will.  

Once Grammie came for a brief visit and left from here on an exciting golf vacation with pink-eye  ;) Nothing is off limits when it comes to sick-germs from kids.  The variety is fast and the onset is swift.  Today I am under-the-weather (which is really saying something with another cold/wet dreary Midwestern day) I went from ‘fine’ to chills, sore-throat and my famous cough in a matter of hours – good-sport husband is also hacking… kids are strong and vital… a master-plan to keep their enemy (us) in a weaker position to make it easier to conquer.   They win today and it's nite nite early for overwhelmed MOM... :)   tomorrow the war begins again!
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