Thursday, April 21, 2011

'Good' Friday....NOT anymore.... :)

For Mom's with 'Good Friday' day off from school-they know intuitively, with teens, that it's not 'Good' ....what a phrase!  More arguing, no structure - everyone under foot.  The days of taking advantage of a 'day off' is over for me.  Back in the time when we could do a wonderful outing together and everyone was excited makes me recall the time when I blew it for my son.  Never to be trusted again!  

With every good intention, I bought tickets to see a famous exhibit called 'Body World'... What happens next is the makings of his future therapy sessions... we found ourselves in a very long then be 'ready' to go 'in'... square in front of us was a real skinned human riding 'bare back' on a skinless horse!  Darling Son was wide eyed and breathless and I was so tried of waiting in line that I made them go 'in' (Darling Daughter thought it was 'interesting')  I have to say, in reflection....I didn't research this like I should have (quickly bought kid-tickets on line!) and standing there in the middle of all these skinned humans and animals was quite a site!  (I was pretty grossed out too)  all I could say was 'Let's go have some lunch!'... Darling Son was pale and now even years later he won't even let me mention the name of that exhibit!  He also is not interested in anymore educational tours - and he can't seem to break a 'C' in Science  hmm?.... so tomorrow will be another video game extravaganza day for him!  oh well...  nite nite!

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