Saturday, April 2, 2011

Equal and Balanced Coverage - Murky Gene Pool 2

In an effort to write this blog with 'equal and balanced' coverage... darling son is next having come up through the ranks learning from the best, his older sister.  He has also along the way, developed his own techniques for destruction.  Beginning as a quiet terrorist-like scribbler ... bedroom walls, inside of my car (a black sharpie)... he then moved into paint. Once even taking rust-block paint made for grill repair and meticulously collaged gooey swipes on the side of my car.   Since I was nearby, (likely busy cleaning up another mess)  it was easy to conclude this kid was also very deliberate and swift.  Fortunately, my good neighbor friend came to the rescue with a big bottle of turpentine (for clean-up) not to drink.
Together they (my lovely children) worked as a force to perfect their 'talents' .... darling daughter was once hanging on a basement metal wrack in the basement to then find the TV on her head.  This idea then went upstairs to my four-poster bed that originally had a canopy top (what they call a 'tester')... good name, because together they were 'testing' the strength ... and before I could even imagine this scenario... I heard darling daughter  scream ...'Mommy... (nameless darling son) broke the bed' !! --- with further investigation, I learned that she applied her budding gymnastic skills to the top rail framing and as luck-would-happen it snapped when it was her brother's turn......   taa da


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