Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deer- I-say... A Lucky Day!

'The Girls'

Today must be my lucky day! I actually found a matching pair of gorgeous Tiffany-colored rubber gloves with the fingers intact under my kitchen sink.  This was an exciting find so I could then more quickly clean the disgusting wet smear of tar-colored deer poop off the furry neck of Emma, our Old English Sheepdog.  She loves to roll in 'it'. 

As I was driving home from the dog park today, I noticed the strange odor, quickly pulled over and 'yep' it was a mess.  To compound things, her 'sister' Lollipop (the black one) had covertly also gotten into 'it' ...  only I didn't notice until 'it' was completely dried around her neck.

At home, I first started rummaging in the garage for a glove and came across several 'lefts' and a cute  pink polka-dot cuffed  pair with rotted-fingers.  Frantic, I was thinking then that this was not going to end well.   Then my luck turned ...  finding matching gloves that were hole less was as amazing as finding that the overflow of disgusting poop didn't get all over my car-seats!  
  woo-hoo ... my life is turning around! 

Off to bed - nite nite (my favorite part of the day! ) ;)  

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