Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Year-round... 'March Madness' !

'March Madness' is a term that is not exclusive to the NCAA-
I'm afraid the 'MADNESS' term is more like fill-in-the 'month'
Madness at our house.

Years ago when your shoes would stick to the floor from spilled apple juice, I had a fantasy that my high-alert household (what my brother referred to as a combat triage unit) would settle down.  No such luck- in fact, the messes became bigger, the problems greater, the noise louder and consequently the damage more expensive.  Like war with friendly fire incidents happening everywhere we go to battle with ground-tools  like toilet plungers- marching from bathroom to bathroom.  Full-blown tantrums like heavy machine gunfire when TV remotes are missing and high-tech TV's won't work, a casualty of impulsive button pushing..... to then have electrical circuits BLOW like hand grenades on a regular basis while the smoke detectors SCREECH for burned food or wake us up in the dead of the night for a low battery.  We were just not meant for calm serenity with this gene pool.

My hubby and I are like hostages each morning,  accosted by our captors with demands for money- the 'look' today was more commanding than a Homeland Security Officer at O'Hare - I thought a full-body scan for the coins was next! Then  taxi-curb service to school and my day began.   Did I mention I am probably the only person in this time-zone to be appreciative of losing an hour of time 'day light savings time'... (so I could go to bed sooner) .....

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