Saturday, March 12, 2011

Work With Out End.... :)

I know I have ZERO credibility now after twice stating 'I'm Back' to not return for months- but since I am still kinda babbling to myself,  I guess it's OK... So now I AM REALLY BACK... and I have a good reason for the lapse.  I have been  working 24/7 on a project that I can only credit (or blame) myself about.   My plan now is to keep this thing (blog) going as my spa-treat-escape! (we'll see)......

To explain (I know I sound like my kids)... It all started with my chronic sleeplessness and I don't have to explain (from my previous posts) just how exhausted and exasperated I am from this life I have created.  After not sleeping well for months (or is it years?) I finally had enough and started researching a solution. What came next was unexpected!  I found nightwear that proclaimed to be a new line of fabric treated with negative ions to help you rest and sleep better called Goodnighties ( ).  This product also claimed to control nightsweats - another bi-product of my aging body.  It actually sounded like a joke... but I was desperate to try anything.  kids / hubby were eating me alive and I could barely function  so I bought a pair!    What happened next was a pretty shocking revelation for me.... even from the first night in these pajamas-  I SLEPT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT!  what a  treat!   more surprises continued...because I began getting my creative mo-jo back so to speak.  My husband claimed it was a cure for B.W.S.  (Bitch-ee Wife Syndrome)  so everyone was happy!   I was actually starting to feel better!  I then as a sanity check bought my bff a pair because she had declared since 1984 to have not slept well from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome- again ... she was blown away by finally being able to sleep and will now not wear anything else!

 I then did something really crazy and for the first time in my career, I cold-called this U.S. manufacturer to find myself within a couple of weeks, carving out an exclusive business partnership to handle all marketing and sales for this unique product.    I then became an unexpected entrepreneur! Wasn't even looking for a job.... but because I was finally passionate about something.... I knew it was time to get back in the business saddle that I had known in a previous life (before kids).  

My life is now fully consumed with this business to the point of offering a lot of neglect to my family (they were due)... I am full-blown committed to the project- we are like 'The Little Engine That Could'  moving in the right direction and keeping ourselves off the '3rd rail'.... great fun but extremely challenging at times!  I do smile more often and it truly is rewarding to be able to help sleepless women everywhere!

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