Monday, March 14, 2011

Smart Fabric-- Stupid Mommy

Sometimes I wish I were as brilliant as the fabric used in Goodnighties sleepwear -- it actually does many things at once (comfortable, blocks achy pain, moisture wicks, anti-microbial and will help you sleep better!)  and it doesn't talk back... just quietly does as it's supposed to do! Shhh...don't wake up!

Today was another morning calamity that combined my many skills....only these unlike Goodnighties have to be done one-at-a-time....first, scrapping cheese off of a plate that was microwaved deeply-   Like the toothfairy, it is known throughout the land 'here' that there is a magical figure inside the dishwasher who flies in with surgical tools to meticulously scrap embedded food off plates- I would hate to spoil this for them.  They also believe that this 'fairy' cleans up breakfast dishes and lets the dogs out - apparently two very difficult tasks for hyper-focused kids.  This assessment was followed by poop from impatient dogs in their sleeping area (my office) .... all while having my first cup of coffee!  yum.... Then it was back to TAXI dispatch with direct orders for a quick stop along the way-  the teenage necessities of life - hair gel from Walgreen's a mission of vital importance.    This obsession is tantamount to a case of cigarettes- MUST have once a week.  yes, ma'am.

So in conclusion...'Stupid Mommy' will be trying to be efficient wearing I-pod style pajamas 'smart-fabric' -- and will be 'embedded' in my bed hoping this will absorb into my skin LOL   :)
  It's a rewind to start the week! 

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