Wednesday, March 16, 2011

School DAZED.....

Statistics have indicated that children educated in the US have really fallen behind....DUH!    Japanese kids go to school 43 days a year more than ours and I have feeling they're not playing video games in their downtime!   I am amazed at how many days off my kids have from school  - it's always something!  Ever heard of Casimir Pulaski Day?  Well he was  a Revolutionary War Cavalry Officer born in 1745- I'm sure a great fellow, but giving kids a full-day off of school to celebrate his birthday is a bit over the top!   This week,  my son has two days off, for what? I've stopped asking- especially with Spring Break upon us!   My normally o-kay son is ornery like his pissy sister from new sanctions on his video-game addiction--it's really like heroin for him - he  shakes at the thought of doing something like interacting with non-virtual people or  even worse, reading a book!   His Science grade makes me 'shake' and I'm tried of hearing since November, of how he's on a 'come back' with this class .... yeah right!  So the days of being the crazy uncle in the basement are over... he now is on very limited use with his X-Box.... will be nice to have him return back to society... it was time.
As any ADHD mother knows.... it's A's or D's with these kids... that then translates into a correctional facility or Harvard.  No middle ground here.....everything is extreme!
I recently heard a great analogy about children with this condition... 'They have the brains of a Maserati and the brakes of a bicycle' ... and I wholeheartedly agree with that! Another reason why they need to be constantly monitored!   So exhausting.... off to bed my favorite part of the day! :)   Sweet dreams!   Zzzzz

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