Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ode to Emma Joy!


As a ghastly way to start your day, few things rank up there with Old English Sheep Dog Diarrhea.  Our beloved Emma had a problem yesterday …. And today, we were kinda playing ‘chicken’ about being the first person 'up' … we knew the kids were sleeping  (it’s Saturday) and being exhausted from another late-night dispatch run … I knew intuitively that we were pushing our normal routine to let  ‘the girls’ out.   Enjoying myself in my cozy bed, (actually wishing to stay 'embedded').... with each minute that passed .... I felt the stress rising…  I was actually bracing myself for a catastrophe…already thinking about my ground tools and the thought of machine-gun fire of expletives from darling husband.    But a revelation has occurred!  NO nightmare messes…today!  What a treat!   My life is at such a low level, I feel like I got a raise and a bonus.     This is exciting news…. I haven’t felt this joyful in a long time !  Woo hoo….   I think great things are in store for me today ! J

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