Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Little Corner of Heaven- the laundry room

 For those who may wonder about the origin of the name .... 'The International Laundress'... this began when tired overwhelmed mother.. (ME)  was day dreaming about the glam life.. working pre-kids and jetting off to fab places around the world for a PAID JOB-- that's a fact, but what was also a 'fact' post-kids was when I lamented this particular daydream to my son who was 8 at the time... I was folding laundry telling him about my past life...saying 'I used to do my work all over the world'... and naturally because that idea was unimaginable to him.. darling son applied his scope of experience... and proclaimed 'THAT?' (laundry folding) hence, the name.  So with this new title, I decided I had earned a 'special' room to carry on my duties and I decided to paint a beautiful shade of green and add a few creative accents... like a chandelier with pearls and other colorful accouterments! I do love this place and when I found a bird to match I couldn't resist   meet 'Tutu'.  
The International Laundress

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  1. the laundry room, seems like my second "home" to all the other parts of the house. Your title grabbed me for sure. love the light fixture and cabinets.

    hope you'll consider following me back.