Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I need a 'do-over' LOL :)

Although I sleep in a deep REM stage of  sleep, the other side of my brain is busy busy…usually a night of more working and colorful problem solving, basically ‘saving the world’ (while snoring) Funny though, the very thing that needs ‘saving’ is ME. I laugh thinking of my mother’s latest comment after spending the weekend here….’you need a do-over’ …. No kidding … She was so excited to leave after a just a couple of action-packed days in the chaos. Grammie who lives 4 hours away, was nice enough to take darling daughter out for a little birthday shopping and probably more thrilled that this is only a once-a-year occasion.  She has done her 'time' here.

Still in a daze today from cleaning, managing a guest and work, I knew my day was not going to start without the usual snag, even before my first cup of coffee and my vitamins (2-Excedrin), … I could immediately smell the familiar wafting aroma coming from the office area where the dogs sleep. Yep, Lollipop had a mishap that was likely a result of too many dinner scraps the night before… ‘Daddy’s Little Fatty’ (the one on the left)  always makes sure her plate is clean …. I have ‘the girls’ ( Lollipop & Emma ) on a regular schedule, but ‘accidents’ do happen. Actually gigantic messes that always go unnoticed by the kid who first lets the dogs out...   Like an android, good-sport husband, was already attending to our first calamity of the day.... I then followed up with my usual weaponry – my trusty steam sanitizer…. Like a never-ending relay-race our functions are defined, air-freshener is sprayed and scented candles are lit.   The day continues with the usual fast pace…. So for now- I’m going to actually take a break tonight and read something meaningful like ‘Diary of a Wimpy  Kid'… it’s not too heavy so it won’t hit me in the face when I doze off.  nite nite...

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