Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'Driving' ME Crazy !!

Yesterday upon waking, when I first saw my son, I must have looked worse than I feel if that’s possible, because he promptly came in to lecture me on working too much. He then, with all seriousness, brought me the last three books in his series of ‘A Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ – he knew I liked reading the first one and thought this would be a good way for me to pry my fingers off my lap top and relax for a moment. It actually was very sweet- a rare occurrence around here… unfortunately ….No such luck today (about reading his books), business first these days… maybe I’ll read tomorrow. We have had lots of interest in Goodnighties as a result of a cover story in Women’s World Magazine this week that mentions our high-tech pajamas. That then means …lots of work.... busy, busy… which is a good thing.

My restful ‘break’ last night was my twice-a-week ‘date’ with myself while waiting for darling daughter as she works out with a gymnastics club about 20 minutes away. I do cherish this time, but like everything in my life, comes with a penalty… ‘Mom can I drive?’ are words that still make me cringe! I’ve decided there are fewer things more brutal than riding with a teen driver… Ok....being panty hose for Kristi Alley is also a tough one.   I just can’t relax while driving with her (unless I’m drunk…a joke :) … I still clench- even after a year of this and we are still shouting at each other and fighting over the radio and I don’t see that ending any time soon. I feel like I’m riding shotgun in a demolition derby with expensive cars. I know I shouldn’t have my feet on the dashboard, but I just can’t help myself. The required ‘rap’ music she needs to have to ‘focus better' claiming ‘I can’t drive without it’ …… I didn’t want to take further chances!  So my stress level rises to a new pitch....

The idea that way-back-when someone came up with the idea that a 16 year old could handle driving on their own, I think was meant for a tractor in an open field. I shutter when we are next to a proud older driver in their shiny fancy car- I want to yell  …’stay clear’ you’ll be sorry save yourself while you still can !  The warning sign I had made for my back window is just not big enough.

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