Monday, March 28, 2011

Can I go to bed yet?

Sometimes I remind myself of a whiny kid on a car ride who keeps asking ‘are we there yet?  I find myself thinking …. ‘can I go to bed yet?’   It’s probably pathetic to say, but lately, with stress at a high- pitch...sleeping has become the best part of my day! When days are long like they have been for the past 16 years, it really is a relief that I am able to find a quiet place to relax.…   In my home, my ‘bunker’ from the extreme chaos is my big four-poster bed….. I enjoy being ‘embedded’ in our ‘green zone’ -  ironically our bedroom happens to be painted a calm shade of green (a subliminal color selection to be sure) … For me, bed-time is usually ‘earlier-the-better’… oh, the simple things in life … a good reading light, lots of pillows, scented candle, my comfortable goodnighties jammies and my industrial-grade ear muffs!  With our one-eyed cat ‘Winky’ who is also cuddled in, we are a real pair at bed time… tooth guard, wrinkle cream, goofy socks on the tips of my feet and my big heavy ear covers to block out the world while I am reading.   These ear-muffs I have to say, were one of my better investments in my mental health.  After extensive research, I learned these are the kind that jack-hammer construction workers use or employees directing aircraft to terminals.   Good-sport husband is used to this spectacle… doesn’t even notice, he is usually also in a zombie-like-state watching a learning channel or an old movie.  With the door locked we feel safe.  Later in the evening, hubby will do a walk-through for collateral damage and I can’t even hear the machine-gun fire of expletives as he flushes toilets, shuts off lights, TV’s and open doors in other parts of the house!      
Essential evening mental-health accessory

'Winky' our cuddly one-eyed cat


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