Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm back (again!)

Because I'm talking to myself in this blog, I'm going to ask the question...'Who in the world came up with the term 'Sweet 16'? I think it's pure sarcasm ! Well today my over-welcome first born - still sassy and medicated daughter is turning 'Sour 16' --- I should start a line of party decorations! It seems no matter what - her family is horrible and stupid (until she needs a ride or $) then in return, we get an abbreviated 'smile' and sometimes a thank you. To think, I am still starring at the muffin-top that is a result of this human is amazing to me... where is the fun in this? She has been high-maintenance since being born 9 days early and a whooping 9 lb. 14 oz. !
Looking back, her early years (like when she couldn't walk or talk) were the times I most cherish......after that, things became a blur with flashes of her jumping on the bed with a toilet plunger next to me when I was pregnant with her brother... to shooting me in the eye with a foam disc that her Grandmother thought would be a fun gift. This kid has been 'work' from the minute she started walking. I also distinctly remember trying to get her off the monkey bars at the park - not even two- had to threaten to drive away - the joke was on me, as I watched her wave to me from my rear view mirror... should have known then to drive away! (kidding)

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