Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm back!

I know it's been awhile...will be getting back into the swing of things hopefully sooner than later. Yesterday's calamities reminded me of my earlier posts. The wild adventures of my kids...yikes.... I should have known when I started my day (1st thing) watching my son playing with my salad spinner while relaxing on my new couch. huh? I should have known it was a preview for the rest of the day. His behavior is nervous energy ...the sound of the spinning (much like his brain) before his meds kick in. Some days, it's hard to tell though, if the meds have had any effect whatsoever.....makes me wonder when just a short time later I asked him to deliver a gallon of paint upstairs to my painter and to put a 'test' quart in his sister's room. He apparently put the quart on its side (who does that? ) ! and yes, the paint leaked all over her carpet. Fortunately, and this never happens to me, I had ordered new carpet for delivery this week so my head didn't explode.... now I can continue writing.... and next up.... teen (ADHD)drivers! OMG... I've been in denial hoping I can calm down enough to write my thoughts on that subject. One thing is for sure, my daughter is going to win a special award for the hundreds of 'permit' hours she is going to rack chance I'm letting her loose on this one...not for years!

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