Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hit the Road...or the Garage!

Ok, I'll attempt to talk about my new teen driver, but I'm still a little shaky.... It's a tough one.... sassy unpredictable daughter now becomes sweet helpful child when in her mind, it's time to 'go driving' - a couple of nights ago she sweet-talked my good sport husband into driving after he had relaxed a bit with a glass of wine. She is such a suck-up....Her meds have worn off by then so you really take your life into your hands....Because there are many times when he doesn't think either, he 'let' her BACK his car out of the garage so she could bash the front left side of it into the garage separating column.....He was pissed and actually surprised by this action which is quite remarkable since like me, he has experienced her trying to back out of the open driveway to either run into the side bushes or small stone wall on the other side almost every time!.... and to compound things on this situation... good sport husband was RIGHT THERE outside the car directing her!... The two of them are quite a combo. It's stunning to me and when he got a quote of $500 to 'fix' it (the white paint scrape looked particularily 'loud' on his black car) I almost bashed his head in with that idea. Repairs on this car are not a priority as I rubbed the paint scrape off. We're just starting on this 'journey'! (unfortunately) :)

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