Friday, July 17, 2009

Ready for Flight! (and it's not me)

I'm so tired of kids- I really miss my days when they have a definite routine and are busy with's my luck they will have nothing to do with overnight camp! Lately it's been like a brush fire of mess and within the smoldering of all this, they follow me around the house so it's hard to fully extinguish. I am absolutely perplexed how my sassy unpredictable teenage daughter can fully trash the kitchen just like a toddler! Because I don't want to deal with her before I've had at least 2 cups of coffee, I quietly clean it up. (I know it's wrong to do that- but you would too) Then I finally tippy toe downstairs with my first cup for some peace in my little hovel in the basement now called my 'studio' to recover, and yep, she found me ! They really do have radar! I often wonder about this idea of 'Empty Nest Syndrome' --HUH? whoever coined that phrase as a 'problem' didn't live with my kids. I'm already thinking about changing the locks when they finally leave for college if they don't go to prison first.

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