Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Sound of Silence....Never Happening Here!

Today was an amazing start of my day for about 2:13 minutes...I do savor the quiet- outside temperature was great (for a change) and my whole family was sound asleep (it's early Sunday) so like walking over booby-traps I created a goal to read yesterday's paper in my quiet little corner-of-the-world (my outside hammock). This area is small and sacred - an unsuspecting side -yard next to the driveway.  It's a space framed with a simple pergola and the atmosphere is created with a relaxing sound of water from a fountain. 

To capitalize on this opportunity - I quickly organized the dogs after recalibrating the kitchen from the zombie behavior of Darling Son who left his usual mess... uncovered cream cheese and all the kitchen lights on (overnight) I then decided to bring outside TuTu my sweet bird and her bird friend 'Tommy' (who we are bird sitting) -  Despite being caged, with dog Lollipop peaking 'in', they still love the beautiful serenity of being outside too.   It was a quiet scene (and cute too) I decided to video tape this unique moment. (below) 

I then gently leaned back in my hammock..... goodnighties on... hot coffee in hand to have a moment for ME--

Then, like a calamity on wheels I hear a ruckus coming down the street - the sound was getting louder -- it was a big ass truck.... and then to my total amazement (and horror)..... the noisy truck started backing into OUR driveway... I honestly thought it was a joke.  Then 'the guys' in the truck got out (it's 7:35am) to declare that they were here to 'fix' pot holes and repair the driveway... huh?    So the moment was ruined thanks to  Good Sport Husband... err, I mean Crazy Husband - who 'booked' them for this urgent job -- on a Sunday am.  

Need to start over again !   although the aroma of tar still lingers  :(

P.S. If I had ever done this- ...the sound of silence would have been interrupted by machine-gun expletives (from his mouth).  Timing has never been a strong-point for my group.  although I do thank Good Sport Husband for bringing me breakfast in the 'green zone'.... so he's forgiven :)
The International Laundress