Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Important Technical Correction :)

Since earlier this month we have been busy busy with Goodnighties sleepwear (my business) ..... but I'm not too busy to correct important facts brought to my attention from one VERY alert reader regarding my previous post 4/26/11 ... it seems that I have horrifyingly confused Deer Poop (turds) with Creamy Coyote Sh**.....  Sorry about that (trying to keep things 'real' here)  .... After extensive research I have learned the difference ....  and THAT difference I might add, is what ended up on the necks of 'the girls' after they rolled in 'it' ...  so now you know the difference - apparently coyotes roam in our tony suburb.  Who knew?
What I can communicate with certainty is that it's disgusting on dog fur.

Have a lovely day now that we have this straight! 

xo The International Laundress

The Creamy  Stuff

'The Girls'

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