Thursday, May 26, 2011

The 'C'-section as in 'Chaos' Section redefines LABOR

My baby.... Darling Son is FOURTEEN today... wow... and to be honest, I'm not feeling remorseful or any of the other typical MOM-feelings (ok... just a few)... because I can't wait for them to grow up!  I'm more amazed that my brain can still think back on the details of that 'event' ....  what a fiasco....
It seems like  just yesterday when we had moved into our home 16 DAYS prior to his Birth-day.  Leading up to that momentous occasion,  I was immersed in unpacking many many boxes, painting shelves, closets and the kitchen, hanging draperies, up and down on ladders and chasing 3-year-old Darling Daughter.  (Did I mention I also was on crutches with a major sprained ankle).... the 'darling' baby blue nursery was on the back-burner so to speak... hadn't even bought diapers (yet)

Because of my advanced maternal age and the fact that Darling Son was in a breech position -- a tidy C-section was scheduled for 5/29 so I was under deadline...  What I didn't know was....I was heading into my own extended 'C-Section' as in 'Chaos-Section' ramping up for the idea that  ONE (kid) + ONE (kid) = 's at least FIVE in our house   and I might add, not the kind of value anyone wants.

The night all this began,  I found myself  on May 26th  at 2 am having my own shock and awe moment when my water broke.  These are life events you don't forget... but I apparently 'forgot' to arrange any kind of a plan and couldn't even find my shoes to go the hospital    With a towel between my legs I was waddling around the house throwing things together for my pending overnight...not telling anyone (yet)  the only thing I could remember was my doctor's number... he told me to call him in route (23 miles away) - naturally, I was not pre-registered at the hospital and didn't know where to go - had planned to work on that on 5/28   The other problem in all this commotion, was the 3 year old staring at us.  No family nearby and I didn't know any neighbors yet, so I got lucky (a rarity indeed) when my dear friend 12 miles aways just happened to be in town and just happened to answer the phone at 2:15 am to hear that a drop-off was emanate.  It was HER lucky day... err I mean middle-of -the-night.    By that time, my pain (that old familiar feeling) was starting to build - I was definitely in LABOR .... lunatic Good-Sport Husband, refused to speed or blow through red lights and I was yelling (offering to drive)  as we got lost trying to find this strange new hospital in a major urban city in the dark.   The cobble-stone streets were killing me as we bumped along... flagging down cabbies who had limited English skills for directions.  This whole escapade makes me tired  just thinking about it so I will move on... at 5:30 am that day, my healthy baby boy was born.....and then the real work began -- the 'Labor' of my life started ... :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brain Erosion - it's happening! Zzzz

We have always said if you are in need of a nap, the last place in this house would be to try to sleep on one of our living room couches... in fact, it's been compared to sleeping in the middle of a road --- waaay too many kids, dogs and chaos.... open doors and windows..... so you're just asking for trouble if you think even for-a-second that it's a place to relax (let alone sleep)...

Today, being a quiet Sunday afternoon,  I surprised even myself when I started reading the newspaper to then wake from a REM sleep about ninety minutes later.   Good-Sport Husband even said there was a loud crash of thunder that I didn't even hear... oops... additionally, because I hadn't checked the weather, I was refinishing furniture with plans to finish, and my plugged in electric sander and paint supplies were all outside as a flash rain storm hit our area  .... upon waking, I was DAZED (and shocked) compound things, my car with all windows down (naturally) was also completely exposed to this quick storm...  Good-Sport Husband quickly jumped to rescue my sander and paint and to move my car into the garage without first driving over a bag of charcoal and a can of refinishing stain.  (he's not used to 'my side')   with supplies and too may things in the way, one needs to be really careful driving 'in' ......   :)

I was still shaking my head to try to wake up from dreaming about a purple small dog I had just rescued... oh, the madness of my mind and I didn't even think I was tired!   My brain has eroded to a new level -- very sad.  Need a peaceful sleep and that will be tonight...  :)  

xo The International Laundress

Saturday, May 21, 2011

An 'off' schedule welcomes more work for MOM

Someday when I live my ultimate dream of living alone in the woods with a cleaning lady, I will recall the start to this morning and NO, I am not 'making up' stuff for content. 

I was peacefully sleeping in - windows open too  (what a concept) determining that our whole, neighborhood and town must be chronically exhausted - not even a barking dog or a car driving by ... it was eerily quiet - and nice.  Being a Saturday this never happens and I should know better. 

Then the madness began... 'Good Sport Husband' was anything-but-that, reporting to me as he sputtered while in 'discovery-mode'  that Darling Daughter was 'in a hurry' and because 'it wasn't 5 am' (her usual weekday schedule) she decided because it was  now 7 am and Saturday -- with  a pending luxurious  stream shower (which is another story) that it was not her job to let 'The Girls' OUT.. (our dogs) .... so as you can only imagine... a HUGE poop mess throughout our office on everything!  They had been waiting...   To compound things,  Darling Son was already drilling away on a video game in the basement and he also determined because this was not a 'weekday' for him,  that  he didn't have THAT particular job either... good huh?  Both independently working off the same game card ... this place kills me.    Did I mention (?) Good Sport Husband's frustration resulted in slamming a door and knocking a painting off the wall in the kitchen - one with two nails... I'll need a 'level' to fix that... so with my first cup of coffee in hand I began the unpleasant task of recalibrating this house. 

The 'other story' on the 'shower'- just 2 weeks ago we hired a painter to fix the peeling ceiling paint because of these steam showers only this time, (I might add) with  moisture and mold resistant paint -- I can already tell by the puckering that this paint was not tested on a teenage girl.

and so the day begins....

The International Laundress

P.S. I would like to thank my Good Sport Husband for later breakfast in bed and apologize to him for  having to go and get a key to get in to my safe zone. :)


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Definately a bad signal that needs tuning...!

Yesterday I found a several of my kitchen dish towels in my Darling Son's  dresser drawer in his room, and it occurred to me that it's probably time to reorganize his messy room. Long pants now come up to his knees, long sleeves are  just below his elbows. The idea of having him make a 'give-away pile' (I know from experience), will not be happening here... He could care less.... and... I'll get to that next week .. LOL ... but it does reflect on a key part of raising ADHD kids....

As Mom's the-world-over know, kids with ADHD are not what anyone would call 'tuned-in' when it comes to 'organization' ... like a bad signal on a TV-- I honestly don't think they even 'see' the path of destruction that is before them (or behind them) - mess is their comfort, a way of life - .... discovering dish towels mixed with t-shirts is not even a concern.

Because both of my children have the 'gift' of ADHD....oldest child, Darling Daughter, has always been the leader when it comes to...'disorganization and mess' -- her hallmark trait from the time she could walk.

Ready, Set...GO !

As a toddler I attempted to contain the mess with a  'gated community' idea by putting a  'gate' on her bedroom door to minimize the damage to the rest of the house.  Even then, she would figure out how to escape.  Like Houdini she would find clever ways to break out from under a fishing net I had secured with bungie cords over the top of her crib -  the 'gate' would then be next... her mission of mass destruction always began at the crack of dawn.  When not manically jumping on the bed she was climbing (or is it called 'exploring'?)  to get into things -- nothing was off limits... toys everywhere - not possible to 'baby-proof' this curiosity.... messes continued ….

Once an elementary teacher told me that her desk and the area around her desk was like a 'hampster cage' ... I couldn't resist saying...'you should see her room'. Now as a teenager, it is still astonishing ... homework buried in wet towels, cosmetics ground into the carpet, large empty tubes of hair gel on display and hair ' spray ' on the walls.  She loves it like that -- Darling Daughter has even declared to me how she can't find anything when the room is organized.... really? 

So the 'dance' begins ...  it will all be perfectly cleaned and organized, I might add, when she wants her 'texting' back... that's my 'channel' .... well, at least something works  :)

The International Laundress

Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Important Technical Correction :)

Since earlier this month we have been busy busy with Goodnighties sleepwear (my business) ..... but I'm not too busy to correct important facts brought to my attention from one VERY alert reader regarding my previous post 4/26/11 ... it seems that I have horrifyingly confused Deer Poop (turds) with Creamy Coyote Sh**.....  Sorry about that (trying to keep things 'real' here)  .... After extensive research I have learned the difference ....  and THAT difference I might add, is what ended up on the necks of 'the girls' after they rolled in 'it' ...  so now you know the difference - apparently coyotes roam in our tony suburb.  Who knew?
What I can communicate with certainty is that it's disgusting on dog fur.

Have a lovely day now that we have this straight! 

xo The International Laundress

The Creamy  Stuff

'The Girls'