Sunday, April 3, 2011

Late Start Leads to 'Crack Up' On The Tracks ....

When a teenager volunteers for a job it involves more than just the opportunity to learn new things- front and center is the fact that it's yet another taxi dispatch job for overwhelmed Mom (ME).  This particular 'run' I am referring to is one of my scheduled standing assignments- it's been a process keeping an ADHD child 'on schedule', but my darling daughter knows the rules from having had 'jobs' like this since 11. Today she spent an inordinate amount of time on her own grooming regiment to then make taxi dispatcher (ME) wait & wait  :(   This 20 min. delay then led to my own barking lecture on obligation & responsibility (even if it is to only clean cages of exotic birds).  So the barking continues (ME) as I strategically determine the best route to navigate the many stop lights before me - afterall, I had time to make up.  As I forged ahead and  before we knew it, dead in front of us was the crossing gate for a very long freight train... so we could really be late.  Such an absurdity I just had to declare... 'Please tell me where the joy is in all this?' ... darling daughter is now breaking down and starting to laugh (her humor is pain-based) she then can't contain herself... cracking up at me (a rare occurrence) ... actual tears were running down her face.  I then had to add 'don't do this'  (parenting)...and 'I'll be too old anyway to enjoy grandchildren!'  more shaking laughter.... I guess we're bonding :) 
Sweet dreams, T.I.L.

ME (unfortunately)

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