Thursday, March 17, 2011

Window To My World....err, I mean 'door'!

My children have a very strict aversion to simple things that would make a big difference in my disposition...and by extension, their life! ....they just don't 'get-it'.  After years of talking about this, the carelessness continues.   It can be as simple as quietly turning a doorknob  before closing a door (like after a 5:00 am shower) or even simpler,  closing a freezer door before leaving the kitchen for the night. even lower expectation of  just closing an outside door or turning off all the lights and TV?.... Each night I find myself like a jail warden - patrolling the grounds - confirming a lock-down for the night.  Mastering these tasks for them, is apparently a difficult skill in their world.  Is it carelessness, being inconsiderate or just plain stupidity?..... probably all three! 

 For as long as I can recall 'doors' have always been a sacred divide for lots of reasons.  Occasionally I lock my bedroom door (ok, all the time) ....doors are important around here!  A few years ago  my son had a slamming phase that began with first 'losing' the knob (I took it off) after finding a hole in the wall from a spirited 'open'  with  further sanctions shortly after that of.....  physically removing the door for 2 years! this was after the door frame started to go crooked on me.     Finally, the slamming stopped- can we say... slow learner?    My daughter on the other hand, as I have told her time and time again.... is going to get her a** kicked if and when she ever has a roommate or lives in a dorm where she loudly closes doors.   That roommate will also need a hazmat suit...but that's another story.  :D

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  1. OMG, you make the things I complain about seem like i'm just having a whine fit. I can honestly say I will think before I open my mouth because you are a saint in my eyes for what you are dealing with. Stay strong girl! New follower from Mom Bloggers =)