Friday, March 18, 2011

The Unexplained Mystical Underworld of Cleaning

Even without going to Hogwarts for training it seems that I have mystical powers to be able to spot things like empty containers in the refrigerator or more remarkably, garbage in the built-in slide out rack that is just filled to the brim. This supernatural talent can also spot filthy dirty counter tops and jelly on cabinet handles that need to be wiped off, or ketchup stains on a damask tablecloth… hmm ? -- that might be chocolate.   Occasionally I will have an understudy...(my son) helping me…. his specialty is 'floors' but today he got a little too aggressive with a stiff scrub brush and he scrubbed off what he called 'the wallpaper' -- which was really the white cabinet finish near the floor.   He tries to be helpful.... but sometimes leaves me breathless after 'assistance' like standing in the pull out garbage rack.... not a good outcome. With no filter for his thought-process his immediate 'solution' is the one he goes for with plenty of gusto - not a thought to the consequence!
Another ‘helper’ like a Nimbus 2000 and one I treasure as the hardest worker in this new bright fuchsia vacuum- a 'gift' from my husband- matches my stilettos (a joke). With every good intention he bought it for me a few weeks ago and rather than buy the floor model - he wanted me to have a 'new' one,  one which I had to put together myself.  Since I'm always looking for new things to do (another joke), I then had a moment to bond with my new companion.... I kept thinking...(to the vacuum) 'you poor little thing....what a horrible job you have before you!' I'll be nice, but it's a tough life-long commitment, almost as bad as being a high traffic rug in this house! So far, we are getting along great. :)  we both like to be unplugged! :) Sweet DreamsZzzz

The Crown Jewel of this Kingdom! 

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  1. Love your blog Sarah! Looking forward to reading all of your posts, so funny. xaub