Friday, March 25, 2011

The Audacity of Kids!

I am a very busy working mom running a business from a home office and as anyone knows that spells trouble when kids or dogs are involved. Problem is, I have a double dose of both. I need to be available at a moment’s notice for phone calls with a tone of professionalism. I’ve conducted my business while running to outside snow banks, barred myself in a shower stall and finished calls breathlessly in my locked car (sometimes in that order).  My children on the other hand, are completely oblivious to any ‘outside’ activity that I may do that does not involve them. It seems at times, that I’m like a magnet for the blast of noise that follows them….. usually the racket rises with the degree of importance-of-the-call.   It’s like they’re deaf and blind. After years of this it’s uncanny how they can be standing in front of me (barking) while I am on a business call… to then have an impulsive teary eyed teenager making verbal demands and threats as I am doing things that redefine the word ‘multi-tasking’. The contortions on my face alone are the first hint- even the dogs can understand that!   Today was one of those days… Darling Daughter claims to have told me (she didn’t) about a later start to her school day …… I then continued in my usual phone business zone to be accosted by her for an IMMEDIATE ride to school or it would result in dire consequences that related to a Biology exam-- an outcome,  that would then ruin her life. As always …Mommy on Dispatch was there for her.... ‘yes ma’am. 'toot toot' ….. we were on our way as I seamlessly continued my business call. I sometimes think that I wouldn’t know how to work without distractions… could that be the key to success? We’ll see…

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