Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sleeping is Supreme

Just saw a kid running across the street (barely looked) to catch the bus wearing one sock (white) carrying his shoes frantically-- for me, it was nice to see- to know I'm not alone. Happy to know that there is (or was) likely a screaming mother in his background- my soul sister! My kids have been doing that for years! I long for the days when that will end...but at this point I don't see it in my deck of cards.

I am still completely running a business.... wrongly thinking that my kids were 'ready' to REALLY handle things themselves.... some days are better than others. I guess that's life....problem is; my 'good days' are so completely extreme to the 'bad' ones that it's not worth it. Just need to go back to sleep.

Personally, I am hoping to flip my current mindset of enjoying SLEEPING as my favorite thing to do in life. I'd like to become one of those people who gets out of bed energized and looking forward to my day-- problem is, I always have a giant hurdle to get over to get to that point... a husband tantrum (over the kids) or children that are screaming/fighting about something a ruined house and occasional dog poop waiting for me in the office. sorry to sound like a downer...need another cup of coffee! xo International Laundress -- off to my day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm back (again!)

Because I'm talking to myself in this blog, I'm going to ask the question...'Who in the world came up with the term 'Sweet 16'? I think it's pure sarcasm ! Well today my over-welcome first born - still sassy and medicated daughter is turning 'Sour 16' --- I should start a line of party decorations! It seems no matter what - her family is horrible and stupid (until she needs a ride or $) then in return, we get an abbreviated 'smile' and sometimes a thank you. To think, I am still starring at the muffin-top that is a result of this human is amazing to me... where is the fun in this? She has been high-maintenance since being born 9 days early and a whooping 9 lb. 14 oz. !
Looking back, her early years (like when she couldn't walk or talk) were the times I most cherish......after that, things became a blur with flashes of her jumping on the bed with a toilet plunger next to me when I was pregnant with her brother... to shooting me in the eye with a foam disc that her Grandmother thought would be a fun gift. This kid has been 'work' from the minute she started walking. I also distinctly remember trying to get her off the monkey bars at the park - not even two- had to threaten to drive away - the joke was on me, as I watched her wave to me from my rear view mirror... should have known then to drive away! (kidding)