Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Timing is everything......

Around here it is so rare that I would ever sleep in so today when my son burst in at 6:30 to ask if the fresh white (never worn) turtleneck he had on would be 'OK' to wear for paint-ball camp at 8:30....all I could say was 'perfect'. I'm so sick of interruptions. For years, good-sport husband and I have been bewildered at their timing; our children have a precise sense of's as though they are 'behind-the-scenes' with fingers up...3-2-1 to come into a room at the exact time the network news is starting. Or when we are in the middle of (an even rarer occasion) a real conversation- to then be interrupted to never again remember what we were talking about. It happens all the time. Our kids have no sense of their surroundings -- like most kids, it's all about them and that moment. With ADHD in the mix...their whirling brains don't even realize what they've done...onto the next interruption! (until their meds kick-in, and even then, there is no magic pill). :)

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